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Bride and Groom


Helpful Information

Do we need a license?

If you want to get married in Greenwich or anywhere else in Connecticut, you need to pay the fee for a Connecticut marriage license.  The license must be obtained in the town where the ceremony is to take place.  A marriage license can be applied for in advance.  You have 65 days from the application date to have your marriage ceremony performed.

What information do we need to bring to apply for a marriage license?

If you are getting  marriage in Greenwich, instructions and important details can be found here.  This includes a worksheet you can download and print out.

Do we need blood tests?

You do not need a blood test to get married in Greenwich.

Are witnesses required?

Connecticut law does not require witnesses.  The only required people are the loving couple and the wedding officiant.

Of course, only you can decide how many people you want to see exchange vows.

Do we need rings for the ceremony?

While rings are traditional, they are not required for the ceremony.  It's your day.  Design it the way you want.

Can children be involved in the ceremony.

Of course!  It's your special day.  Any and all friends and family can be part of a ceremony.

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